Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Fan Submissions

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Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Fan Submissions
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We all have a dark imagination and very scary experiences. So this is your time to be apart of our videos as we read stories told by you guys. In the comment section tell me a very scary story or something scary that has happened to you, don’t worry about how long the story is we will read them all and feature you guys.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Fan Submissions

  1. Okay here’s one. Not to scary but it was unnerving to me.
    When I was pregnant with my first child. I had a friend named Andrew. We where great friend before and in the beginning of my pregnancy. I moved away to have my child in my home town. Which meant Andrew was 3 hours away.
    The day after I gave birth ( emergency crash c-section) Andrew stops in to see me. He spent almost an hour talking to me. Telling how beautiful my son was, I told him about the birth, miscellaneous stuff like that. He then hugs and says goodbye and leaves out my hospital room. Minutes go by and my sons father comes in with a sorrowful look on his face. He tells me he just got off the phone with Kim and she told him that Andrew passed away just that night. His heart failed.
    I swore it was Andrew who had came to see me.

  2. Once when i was like 10 we went to my cousin’s house we would go out and play with some of our toys we looked down At the window and because his house was on a second floor and it was like 1:00 Am and we saw a guy doing a handstand we thought it was one of the neighbors we dint mind it so we played some minecraft we
    Built a house but we heard laughing we looked but it was gone it was bed time i woke up after a few minutes and saw a guy putting his face in the window
    I pretended to be asleep he went in the house me and my cousin
    Were scared the next day we saw a top hat outside we touched it it moved we decided to play with it we through it it disapered we still remember it call it “the Handstand”

  3. Okay, this is a true storie.
    I have something in my house that constantly messes with me. I would place an item down somewhere and it would disappear for a few hours or even a few minutes. Sometimes, I will never see that item again. Then, later the same day, I will find that item right where I was searching. Also, this thing will take my stuff and move it to a different room entirely. My items have shown up in my brothers room or in the kitchen. I’m 16 years old and this has been going on for 9 years. The thing also messes with my little brother. It will take his things and move it around the house. It once even organized his change in a line from oldest to youngest. He is 14. So yea. There’s my storie. I can tell you more if you’d like. I have a lot more true stories like this one.

  4. When I was 9 I went to the Disney store for the first time. I was obsessed with rapunzel and my parents bought me a baby rapunzel doll. I remember thinking that I was always going to leave her in her box after playing with her because I didnt want her hair to get messed up. Later that night after playing with her I felt like I couldnt put her back in the box, I had an instinct telling me to sleep with the doll. At the time I didnt think much of that feeling so I slept with her everynight. I dont remember if this happened the first night but i know she was still brand new when this happened. My neice slept over and she slept next to me and the doll. My mom and sister woke me up screaming at 5 am. They told me the doll was choking Briana (my niece) I looked at the doll and her arms were up but she was laying on her back. They told me the doll froze once they started screaming. I didnt want to believe them but it sounded so real and my sister was even crying. Alot of paranormal stuff has happened to us as kids so I had to believe it. I told my neice after they told me not to, i told her because she told me I was choking her. After I told her it was the doll she told me that things were adding up because the thing choking her was stiff and not soft like a 9 year olds hand. I was really freaked out the entire day and kept my distance from the doll but the further I was the more scared I was. Then at night I slept with her again and noticed I felt safe everytime I hugged her. Since then nothing crazy has happened but she would end up in weird places. If I left her in the box i would find her on my bed or in the bathroom. This one time I even woke up and she was on top of the headboard of my bed staring down at me. I would always ask my family if they would move her and noone did. Even though she choked my neice I didnt think she was evil or anything and I loved her. After a few months I grew out of that doll and left her in the toy box. Everytime I would look in the toy box she was there but when I was finally going to throw out the box my mom asked me where the doll was at. I told her I never took her out of the toy box. I never saw the doll since. (Might sound like bs but I swear it’s true)

  5. Before I turned 15 I went out side just to take out the trash but I heard footsteps echoing behind me,I then turned around to see a man at the corner of my neighbors house where a light post was he was smiling at me and waving I started to my and pretend I did not see him,But then I heard him say my name and I still acted like I did not hear him…Later on at Midnight I was sleeping near the window I just open my eyes only to see him extremely close starring at me and says see you later and as I blink he vanishes I look everywhere only to see no one out there that was the scariest night I ever had in my life but to this day I am still cautious of that same man

  6. Also here is a scary story…
    So i was in bed relaxing, as usual and then randomly paper in my bin rustled, again and again…
    I thught huh.. fell back asleep
    Fastfoward two weeks it hapened again. I was scared so i said a quick prayer and it stopped. :/
    i was nervous and had a feeling like i was being watched so i hid under my covers and stayed there paralyzed till dawn.
    two days later i was putting some lego into my draw. I turned away and hurd a SALM! THE DOOR SHUT… i got the lego out and stood on a chair deciding to put it on top of my cupboard, then i felt my body shaking and i was thrown off of my chair and landed with my temple hitting my head. I blacked out.
    Waking up again i heard something shout at me and it stopped.

  7. True Scary Alien MIB Story.

    This was back in the early 70s. We lived in a small town. Our backyard neighbor were good friends with my parents and they had came over for a visit. I was friends with their daughter and we went to the same high school together. Their daughter and I decided to go to the convenient store, which was a 1/4 mile (4 blocks) away to buy some candies. It was a hot summer day. When we were nearing the end of the 3rd block we could see the end of the 4th block, on the other side of the road where the convenient store was, was a man who had his back to us.

    He was acting very strange walking back and forth as if trying to figure out how to go into the store. I’m thinking, ‘Idiot, go up the three steps an open the front door’. I noticed he was weirdly dressed for a hot summer day. He was wearing a black, wide rim hat and a black knee-length trench coat, black pants, and shoes. He suddenly turned and stared at us and cocked his head as if surprised to see us there, and I noticed he was also wearing black sunglasses. At that same moment we realized that it was Sunday and the store was closed, so we turned around to head back home, forgetting about the man and continued chatting.

    We took about 5 steps and just by habit I turned my head to check to see if there were any cars coming our way. I don’t like having cars coming up from behind me. Anyway, when I turned my head the guy was right there with his head practically stuck to my shoulder, listening to want we were talking about. I just screamed ‘RUN!’. My friend then saw him also and we ran for our lives.

    Remember… he was a block away on the other side of the road. We did not hear him running towards us and we had only taken about 5 steps…

    At the beginning of the second block there was a garage. We ran behind the garage because it was a shortcut to my friend’s house. When we got to the middle of the garage yard we turned to see where he was. There was a 5 foot hedge lining the side of the garage lot and road and he was stopped there behind, and right up against the hedge, staring at us. Seeing he wasn’t chasing us we stopped to catch our breath. We were really struggling to catch our breath but he wasn’t out of breath what-so-ever. All we could see was his head above the hedge staring straight at us.

    After a few minutes his head slowing starting ‘floating’ along the top of the hedge, still facing straight forward, staring at us, heading down that side road. His head was floating straight and even, no bobbing of the head like when you normally walk, especially since he had to be walking sideways. Seeing this we again started running to get to my friend’s house, then through her backyard, jump over the fence into my backyard and ran into my house.

    It was truly scary. He was truly not of this world. What also was very strange was it was Sunday and there was no one around, no kids or adults outside and no cars passed by. It was as if the town was completely deserted.

  8. And I was 7 years old I moved to Emmett Idaho from Kansas and I grew up on an ancient Indian burial ground stuff and fly off my shells almost daily and I got pushed down the stairs it got to the point where we had crosses up in every room we left shortly after that

  9. Scary story
    I was at my dad’s house and I was sleeping on the couch because there was only 2 rooms my dad’s and my little brother and sisters room. It was around 3 am and my little sisters toy doll started going off laughing and it wouldn’t stop. Me and my friend started talking on the phone until about 4 when my phone became 1 percent. My phone charger was right by a window and I’m a little paranoid when its dark so I thought something was going to get me. I slowly crept to the window when something started banging on the window. Right after the first bang the doll went off and I started screaming for my dad and when he came out he heard the doll laughing. He calmed me down and in the morning we burned the doll but I didn’t tell him about the thing that hit the window.

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